Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1. "Mask-A-Day" mask


      1. One mask must be made each day.

      2. Each mask must be original in both idea and material. Pre-made masks can be used if they are considerably altered.

      3. Each mask must conceal most of the face and the wearer must be able to see out of the mask.

      4. Each mask may only be constructed from free and found materials.

      5. Each mask must be worn for a one minute public performance on the day it is completed.

      6. Each mask must be worn by the artist who made it.

      7. Each mask must be documented each day through a photograph.

      8. These rules must be followed for a year. 


  1. An ambitious project! I am looking forward to following the creative things you design and model. I think you are off to an unambiguous start.

  2. Perhaps we can have a School of Art gathering at the end of the semester where everyone can wear one of your masks...a party of Kjartans...

  3. I will have to find a place to keep them all.
    That would be quite exiting, I have always wanted to hang out with many mees.