Tuesday, November 23, 2010

62. Tattered Blanket Mask

Junk Burka


  1. dance party burka parties are totally the future of getting down.

  2. brief crit.
    ive been following your masks since you started.
    its a pretty nice idea.
    i will say that ive been disappointed in a number of the masks.
    i feel that the mask is an very loaded symbol. one that must be used wisely. some of your masks seem to be more of... "well. i found this on the floor and now its on my head. so its a mask." the more successful masks have personalities of their own.
    i want to hear more about what youre learning from the masks and how thats informing what youre putting into the masks. how do you project yourself onto them. how do they then inform you, and ultimately themselves again.
    i want to see you in the masks, not just something you found and took a pair of scissors to.
    some of the more successful masks, in my opinion:
    pillow mask
    mattboard mask
    kjso concert mask brochure (here the simplicity of the brochure really works because of its natural shape)

    to name a few recent ones

    i'm not as interested in the performative aspect, however, i understand its importance. id really like to see some writing with these.

    how do these talk about permanence? what is the importance of their temporal existence?

    how do they get bigger?
    how relative is the space?
    the interest to me is in the relationships the masks have to each other. as in-as much as you are concealing your face, you are ultimately telling us more about yourself by showing us the objects you choose to hide your face with.
    should a mask hide who you are?

    is the goal to reveal yourself?

  3. Thanks for the feed back anonymous. Ill get back to you soon.
    Can you reveal your identity to me?

  4. as long as it doesn't change your read of the critique