Friday, November 26, 2010

A Brief Report

As humanity pushes through the beginning of the 21st century, the ill side effects our technological addiction are near impossible to deny. Technologies, detrimental environmental impact and psycholo-spiritual tole are increasingly obvious. Humanities faith in technology as cure is dwindling. Yet technological utopian thinking is the underlying pervasive ideology of our modern culture. Denying the truth, we are conditioned to continue business as usual.

A growing number of enlightened youth today are confronted with the consequences imposed upon them by the decisions of recent older generations . They can no longer deny the truth. It is obvious we must reject the culture of the past and begin a new sustainable culture. Yet how can we reject the culture of our upbringing, to reject our own cultural identity? How can we form a new cultural identity when we barely had one to begin with? What do we base our new identity on?

Faced with such difficult questions, I came to a few conclusions.
1. We have much to learn from tribal cultures that have lived in harmony with the earth for thousands of years. Tribal culture is disappearing quickly and we must work to preserve their ancient wisdom.
2. We cannot deny our cultural upbringing and must accept and embrace both the dark and light sides of our modern heritage. Includeing waste, pollution, and mental illness.
3. Art is where culture begins and it is through art that we must begin to assess our current cultural identity and explore possibilities of where to go from here.

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