Thursday, November 4, 2010

43. Hub Cap Mask

"Dude, help support our frat, smash this car to support our events."

After a critique in class today over my project, I have decided to document the performance more.  But first I need a video camera.  My birthday is tomorrow....
I am also going to plan a masquerade for celebration of reaching month two.  Either I will provide materials for everyone to make a mask there.  Or I will ask everyone to create a trash mask and bring it with.  The whole masquerade will be documented and posted.  I am looking for collaborators on both masks, performances, planning and documenting.  More info on everything to come. 
Thanks for the Support.

 For anyone that is in Kalamazoo Michigan should come check out my art piece on display at Western Michigan on the lawn between the art school aka Korman Hall and the parking structure.
It is titled "Rest Stop for the Weary Post-Modernist" you can go in and hang out. 

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