Wednesday, November 24, 2010

63. 59Fifty Mask

Claims to be a gangster but he not even makin' it half the way to Wangster.

Today I decided to be a child of a capitalist.  I went out to get a coffee at fourth coast.  I went to go hang out with my friend Andrew Joyce and we went back to crows nest and got some food.  Perched up in the Crows Nest I peered out the window and I saw a hat blow down the street from around the corner of South Westnedge Market. There the hat is below, next to the trash can.  Urban Ghetto Tumble Weed, rolling down the street.  So American. So I took a picture and ran down the stairs, outside and picked the hat up and put it in my backpack.  I continued my consumer adventures and went out to dinner at shake and steak, bought a pair of boots and went to see a movie at Kalamazoo 10.  Me and my friend Maggie thought that the Facebook Movie was still in theaters.  Turns out we were 2 months late.  So we decided to see a movie anyways.  Don't go see "The Due Date"  it sucked, we left after 20 minutes and then went to see a movie about a runnaway toxic train.  That movie sucked to, so we tried to get a refund.  But they only let us get new tickets, so we went to go see "Love and Other Drugs" partly it was a radical film revealing the truth behind pharmaceutical drug companies in 1996 and then it just becomes a love story porno with people that are too hot to be real. When I got home, I felt really sad for giving in to spending money on things  and trying to be happy by filling myself with nothingness.  At that point I took out that 59Fifty and put it on my face.  Capitalism is depressing. 


  1. You cut your hair since I saw you last, why not make a hair mask? Or is it too late?!?!?!?!

  2. are you hiding behind capitalism?

  3. I am not hiding. I am taking on the identity of capitalism momentarily. Or revealing the shadow side of capitalism. The ghost of consumer waste.

  4. hmm. to a degree i agree. yes you are both revealing this ghost and taking on an identity.

    inevitably, part of you is going to become shrouded. this is part of the point of masking something.

    what part do you want to conceal?

  5. The mask hides the identity of the wearer. The mask transforms the wearer. The mask gives the wearer the ability to act as someone or something he is not, without inhibitions. Without any attachment to the self. The masked's actions become the actions of the mask, not the actor. It is this way that african tribal culture worships the spirits in a festival. Through masked people who are then possessed momentarily they become a channel for the spirit they are pretending to be.
    Similarly, the police will mask themselves with ray bans, or riot gear. The mask takes away their human identity and they become only cop. Not morally accountable for their actions.

  6. I wear a lot of makeup if I'm going on a capitalism binge... but not usually for other excursions. I'm just like a cop, or an executioner. Just wash it off and it's like someone else did it. Thanks for making me fess up to that, one more reason to resist the Revlon.