Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reflections on a Month

I have completed what has been a month of mask making, 1/12 of the way complete.  I would like to thank everyone that is following me on this daily process.  Especially all those who have helped me take pictures, think of ideas, provide materials, think up captions or been around for my daily performance.  One of the most exiting things is the mandatory collaborative effort of this project.  I can not do it alone.

The most difficult part of the project has not been finding a material, or finding a friend to take a picture, but finding internet to post every night.  I do not have internet at home.  Some nights although I have completed my mask for the day, I have not had access to the internet until the next day. For those of you you follow my process daily I apologize for the delays.

Along with the joy of completing a month worth of masks, comes a new trouble.  I have been using a free one month trial of a photoshop like program called pixelmator to edit and format my posts. The free trial is up and I have been struggling to edit my photos with garbled complicated windows-esque photo editing applications.  I hope to remedy this as soon as possible any suggestions?

If there was anything that I could change now about this project it would be the amount of time there is in a day.  Admittedly some masks fall short of their potential due to my lack of time in a day.  As each mask is made, there is a small amount of sorrow knowing that I can never again use the same material.  Knowing that I could have made a better mask hurts a bit.  But then I remember that I am going to be making 365 masks and some days will be amazing and others not so much.  Thats just how life goes.

If you haven't heard. I am leaving for Budapest, Hungary on January 30th.  I will be there studying Eastern European culture and will have a to be decided internship. Mask-a-day is a location based project, and traveling is one of the best things that can happen.  I am exited to see how the trash differs in Budapest, lots of new mask opportunities.

To everyone,



  1. Have you tried Gimp?
    (It is an open source photo editor)

  2. Gimp is super crapy. It acts like a windows application.
    I downloaded a 30 day trial of photoshop elements.
    and then Ill download a 30 trial of photoshop. Then I will have to figure everything out again.